I spent 90 days at home alone when the lockdown stared.

A lot of feelings, experiences, self-knowledge and so many moments that made me stronger than ever.

From March to June

Can you imagem how was?
From one second to another I couldn’t go out anymore, I didn’t know what was happening and how long it would have to be like this!

Yeah, I know..
that’s nothing I could do about it…

What did I do?
I gave myself my best.
I couldn’t freak out or anything.
I should keep my feet on the ground and my mind at peace.


I discovered much more about me than in 33 years.
After that, I start to see beauty in every corner, every sunrise, every smile around me.

As I told you: it wasn’t easy, but was unforgettable
I’m so grateful!
My neighbours, my friends, my new home….

Hvala. Hvala puno

The video below is a short summary of what I experienced during the period.

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